2018 Gift Card image

The 1 Hour Studio Hire With Engineer Gift Card entitles the holder to receive and hour of studio time in our studios in Kennington, London (see map below).

The Engineer will welcome you to the studio and ensure you are comfortable ahead of the recording session, so please ensure you arrive 15 minutes before your start time.

The studio has a self contained voiceover booth that is fully insulated and air cooled. Your voice will be recorded using either AKG or Sennheiser microphones (depending on what is being recorded) - other mics are available upon request. The engineer will record your session using Adobe Audition through a Digital Mixing Desk.

During the hour you will be given the opportunity to listen back to the audio, and once all of the content has been recorded, the engineer will do an edit and provide you with the final mix in electronic format (WAV, MP3 etc).

You can use the time to:-

  • Record a session for a paying client
  • Record auditions, enabling you to send in the best audition to stand out from the competition
  • Update your voiceover demo
  • Record animation or gaming content

Remember - you have to do all of this within the 1-hour session, and that it often taken up to 10 minutes to record and edit 1 minute of content (depending on your experience of course)!