Studio 1 - This has been in action for a while now and has seen a huge range of clients drop in for sessions. From British Airways to Google & Facebook, from producing the voiceovers for characters in the VR game Eve Valkyrie to Investment Banks and Pharmaceutical firms – the range of clients is immense, and the range of voiceovers using the studio is even greater.

Some clients prefer a full service voiceover producer/director session, others just require an engineer to push the buttons and monitor things and then clean up the final product, and voiceover artists often drop in to record some content on their own. The choice is yours.

This studio can also be used as a self-op studio from within the booth. Rest assured that all the tech sits outside of the booth so as to not create any additional unnecessary noise.

The studio has space for 3 guests/clients. Go to the Technical page for the really geeky stuff!

Studio 2 - this is a duplicate of Studio 1 but without the additional functionality of self-op from within the booth. This will be added should we discover clients like having the option.

Note: At this stage we do not offer sound-to-picture capabilities.