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Online profile in Talent Directory

Having a profile in our Talent Directory allows prospective clients to view details about you, listen to demos and contact you via our moderated contact system.

When you subscribe for membership you can access our membership web application, that allows you to setup your profile by supplying details about yourself, uploading audio demos, uploading a headshot and categorising your voice etc.

Once your profile details have been reviewed and approved, your profile will be visible in the Talent Directory (see below example).

Example Profile

Prospective clients can search our Talent Directory using a filter that allows them to select categorisations such as 'Playing Gender', Accent, Language etc ., in order for them to view the talent that matches their voice requirements.

We also supply links to specific requirements such as 'Home Studio' that allows the prospective clients to filter the profiles more quickly.

The client can contact you directly via a Contact button, that allows them to supply their contact details and a message regarding their requirements.

The client's message is placed in our Moderated Contact System and once approved is visible in your membership web application.