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Recommended Quote (Inc. bsf)
Note 1 This is for a 1-year term. If the client wishes to buy a few years then please input the number of years in the box provided.
Note 2 Expect to make a deal if there are 400+ stores and if the clients require multiple years, but be sensible!

Internal Rate Calculator

Industrial (B2B) and internal content use depends on the size of the audience - just the same as paid for media. This is worked out as a percentage of BSF.

If the number of views/staff is below 50 we would expect to charge anominal fee of £100, just to ensure they have paid something for those rights. The term would be limited of course and the content would need to sit behind a closed door – i.e. not assesible to the public in any way.

This calculator will work out the usage for you. Just input the BSF (usually £300) and then the number of stores the audio will be heard in, and lastly if the client has asked for a number of years then add the years in the box provided.