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Online Rate Calculator

Online Advertising is powerful, one could say more powerful than TV. Because whilst we’re online we can engage, interact, educate and buy, in real-time, in one place.

Many companies using paid-for online advertising or VOD still expect to pay 4 x BSF for unlimited usage. This was a simple system brought in many years ago when the internet was relatively new. This method is not the case and hasn't been for many voice agencies for a long time and is certainly not inline with other advertising media costs.

So we created a calculator to help you work out paid for online advertising and VOD, a tool used by some of the top voice agents in the UK.

Remember though that you should also be adding fees for passive online usage should the client of brand wish to keep the content online beyond the paid-for period - depending on who the brand is and the size of their audience. This can range from a few hundred to many thousands.

This is scaleable and you should use your judgement to reach compromise if the client budgets are a little lower than average. however, this tool will tell what is FAIR in-line with today’s media landscape, so you can judge when a client or brand is offering what they WANT to pay rather than what something actually costs.

This tool will work out the value of both Online and VOD impressions, but as they are separate media you should keep the impression separate rather than combined (if possible). Ie:

Online impressions: 10 Million = £4375.22

VOD Impressions: 10 Million = £4375.22

Total Usage fee: £8750.44

However, if you combined them before calculating your fee would be reduced to: £6562.83 in total!

Be sensible and expect a little pushback on these rates, think about the wider picture and know your worth.

SIDE NOTE: Any content with any kind of audience should have usage rights, including internal corporate content. This fee should be based on the number of people that will see the content and for how long they need the license for. As an example, Tesco has over 367,000 employees, so an internal piece would require usage at £2000+ for 1 year. However, a small company with 25 employees might only be charged a nominal fee of £50. Use your judgement and research your clients before you agree to anything. Look at their socials and number of views, their YouTube channel, Linkedin etc.

Also, impressions have nothing to do with how long content is used, its the number of people that the client is paying to hopefully see the content.

Please reach out to us using the contact page ensuring you address the enquiry to SIMON should you have any questions.